5 Common Dental Emergency Procedures

Dental emergencies can occur at any time to anyone. You may slip and fall face first, bite on something hard, or knock out a tooth. Even a constant toothache for no apparent explanation is a good enough reason to search for an emergency dentist near you. In any case, emergency dental procedures are done to save the tooth, alleviate any pain, and restore your smile. They may be as simple as a tooth filling or as complex as a root canal.

Here are five common dental emergency procedures our team of dentists in York provides that you should know about.

Dental Emergency Procedures

#1- Toothache: There can be many reasons for toothache, from a cavity to gum disease. You may need to visit a 24-hour emergency dentist near you as they can occur at any time. You may even need an emergency dental procedure to alleviate the pain and solve the problem, depending on the severity of your pain. However, you can take an over-the-counter pain relieving medication like Ibuprofen (Brufen®) to reduce the pain in the meantime.

#2- Abscessed Tooth: An abscessed tooth is a severe condition in which an abscess infects the root between the tooth and the gum. The infection can further lead to pain, swelling, and fever. You will need to visit your dentist and might need an emergency dental procedure to drain the infection site or need an immediate same-day dental extraction.

#3- Knocked-Out Tooth: You may slip and knock a tooth out, or it may come loose if you bite on something hard like nuts. Whatever the reason for your knocked-out tooth, it is critical that you visit your dentist as soon as possible to save your tooth. If the tooth has avulsed and is completely intact, place the tooth in milk and book in with a dentist quickly. At Fresh Dental Smile Clinic in York, we are often able to offer same-day emergency dental appointments simply call 01904 623687!

#4- Dislodged Dental Crown or Filling: If you feel severe sensitivity and pain, it may be because of a dislodged crown or filling. It is necessary to visit the dentist quickly before any bacteria invade the vacant space and cause an infection.

#5- Wisdom Tooth Issue: The last molars to emerge are the wisdom tooth, and you may need an emergency wisdom tooth removal procedure if you are facing complications. Impacted wisdom teeth are complicated to remove and require a skilled dentist familiar with such procedures. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause risks to further decay in healthy teeth in front, and so if you are having wisdom tooth issues, it is better to get the problem assessed sooner rather than later.