Dental Care: Natural Remedies for your Child’s Toothache

The run up to Easter is upon us, and as soon as Easter Sunday arrives it is acceptable for you and your family to be indulging in all the chocolate goodies throughout the weekend. With this in mind, the increase in sugar consumption will increase the chances of developing tooth decay, resulting in the awful pain that is toothache.

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If one of your little ones falls victim to tooth ache, it is normal to feel helpless whilst you are waiting for you dental appointment. Regular Check ups are essential to maintaining oral health and there can be no real substitute to visiting the dentist. Below are some helpful list of natural remedies that can comfort your little one by temporarily easing their discomfort. The bonus is that you can find most of these ingredients in your kitchen cupboards!

Vanilla milk:

Drop 4 to 5 drops of vanilla extract into a small cup of warm milk and stir, the combination of the milk and vanilla will comfort your child due to the taste and the smell, as well as easing the discomfort. An added bonus is that they will think it is delicious and it will send your child off into a comfortable sleep.

Peppermint tea:

Drinking peppermint tea is a perfect remedy for your child as it has a nice delicate taste to it, but more importantly it contains a numbing power to ease the pain. This remedy is weaker and more suitable for mild tooth pain.

 Start by putting the teabag in a cup and cover it in boiling water. Leave the tea bag until it is lukewarm so it doesn’t burn your little one, drain any excess water then place it in their mouth on the sore tooth for around 10 minutes, or until they show signs of relief. If possible, use their teeth as a clamp to keep it stable.

Dried Mint Leaf:

Place a tiny piece of mint leaf on the sore area; this will act as a great numbing agent. Keep it in your child’s mouth for a few minutes then replace with a fresh piece. This method is similar to the peppermint tea, however I find this method is more effective for slightly more severe pain.

Potato and Cucumber pieces:  

Cut up tiny chunks of potato and cucumber. These need to be either cooled or heated gently depending on the preference of your child. Potatoes contain a natural anti-inflammatory that eases the inflamed gums and cucumber has an anti-oxidant property that soothes and relieves the pain.

Once the pieces have either been chilled or warmed up, alternate between cucumber and potato and ask your child to place the pieces onto the sore tooth and hold it there for around five minutes. Like the previous methods, the general rule is to keep repeating until your child shows signs of relief.

Clove Oil:

Clove oil acts as a fantastic natural analgesic and antibacterial that, for some people, can provide effective and fast toothache pain relief. Simply apply by using a cotton bud and make sure it engulfs the tooth and the surrounding area. Admittedly this is one of the least pleasant methods for your child, but depending on the severity of the pain, this technique could be beneficial and is advised by pharmacists.

Hot Water Bottle:

If your child is more responsive to warm sensations as a method of pain relief, a hot water bottle is ideal. Your child is bound to be feeling distressed, so ensure their hot water bottle has their favourite cover on so they feel safe and comforted. Fill it with water that hasn’t quite boiled, then lay your child down on your lap, with the sensitive side of their face placed on the bottle. This will mean your child has your comforting cuddles. By the time the heat has subsided, your child will hopefully have fallen asleep with the heat gently soothing the pain.

All of these remedies are temporary solutions to get your child through the night or up until their dental appointment.

If you want more information, the dental team in York at Fresh Dental Smile Clinic will be more than happy to help you with any oral health queries or concerns.