Dental Care: Superfood Your Way to Healthy Pearly Whites

Let’s face it; we’d all like to have a dazzling smile that looks great in photos and the confidence that comes with it. Unfortunately, our day to day lifestyles and eating habits can make this difficult at times.

dental care - healthy food for teethWhile a trip to your dentist will deliver the best teeth whitening results, our diet has an affect on the appearance of our teeth too. Below I have suggested some tasty alternatives that will help us on our way to that desired pearly white smile.

Crunchy Watery Fruits:

Who would have thought that crunchy carrots could be the next toothbrush and that watery celery could constitute a flossing action? These natural alternatives don’t only brush away food particles and banish the hard bits of plaque that can cloud your smile; they also stimulate the production of saliva.

Your saliva contains proteins and minerals that help to protect your enamel and fights against decay. All in all, any crunchy watery vegetable, that is low in natural sugar, supports you on your way to gleaming and healthy teeth.

 Strawberry Saviour:

If you want a tasty way to whiten your teeth, look no further! Many fruits such as Strawberries contain malic acid, which acts as an effective way to diminish discoloration! Simply crush a strawberry into a pulp with a fork, then with your fingers smooth the pulp around your teeth and leave for 5 minutes. It will take a few attempts to notice the difference.

Additionally add a bit of baking soda into the pulp, then with your toothbrush gently brush your teeth in circular movements, rinsing thoroughly after five minutes. You may need a toothpick to get rid of the strawberry bits!

*Top Tip* only do this treatment once a week, as the acid found in strawberries can become harmful for your teeth.

Baking Soda Buddy:

Bicarbonate of soda is especially effective if you are an avid coffee, tea or wine drinker. Some of us enjoy these beverages on a daily basis, not thinking for a second how they are slowly but surely discolouring our teeth. Baking soda is an abrasive compound that can remove these stains, as well as other debris and impurities such as plaque found on the surface of your teeth. This makes your teeth appear brighter and whiter!

As baking soda doesn’t contain fluoride it shouldn’t be used as a replacement for toothpaste. It shouldn’t be used too often either, around twice a week is often enough. Brush your teeth with your normal toothpaste, then once you’ve finished, dip your brush into the baking soda and gently brush your teeth in circular motions. It is paramount that you don’t brush too hard as this can harm your enamel.

*Top Tip* If you are prone to having sore gums or sensitive teeth you should double check with your dentist before using this method.

Green Tea:

If you’re an avid tea drinker, maybe it’s time to alternate between your standard strong black tea and a tooth-friendly herbal green tea as well. Green tea is a better option (from a dental perspective) as it contains fewer stain inducing tannins compared to your typical teas.

If that isn’t a big enough reason, green tea is also a great source of fluoride which strengthens your teeth and makes them more resistant to staining. So by simply incorporating green tea into your tea drinking schedule, you can effortlessly improve the whiteness of your teeth.

Orange Peel:

Before brushing, simply peel an orange and rub the inner white bit of the peel thoroughly into your teeth. Once you’ve done that, brush your teeth as normal to remove the acid from your teeth left by the peel, this is vital! Repeat this every day before brushing, and after about a week you’ll start to notice the difference!

*Top Tip* Don’t rely on this method and only use it for a week at the most, as the acid can damage your teeth over time, so short term use only!

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