Dentists who Do Sedation (and What You Need to Know)

Dental sedation is becoming increasingly popular as those with a fear of the dentist, or who feel nervous about treatment, can be put under sedation in order to have a procedure. There are many dentists who do sedation, award-winning Fresh Dental Smile Clinic is a leading York Dental practice offering dental sedation for nervous patients. What do you need to know? Read below to find out more information.

Why would I need Dental Sedation?

Some people have Dentists who do sedation in Yorka real fear of going to the dentist. When this fear goes beyond a typical level of anxiety it is called dental phobia. It is a common fear which may stem from a bad childhood memory of the dentist, the smell of the dental surgery, fear of needles or dental equipment, or embarrassment about somebody looking into your mouth. The British Dental Health Foundation helpline receives many calls from people about their fear of going to the dentist. Dental sedation is a great option for those who feel nervous about treatment or for those who have been put off going to the dentist due to fear.

Different types of  Dental Sedation

There are different methods used to sedate patients for dental treatment. Dentists who do sedation may use different procedures but at Fresh Dental Smile Clinic, we use Intravenous sedation. It is very popular with patients and research from the British Dental Journal found that 99.4% of patients would opt for this form of dental sedation again. What happens during Intravenous sedation? The sedative is administered through an injection (often in your arm), and it relaxes the body, putting you in a dream-like state. This means that during procedures you are awake enough to answer questions and be aware of your surroundings, but will not feel any pain or fully remember much of the procedure.
There are other types of dental sedation, such as oral conscious sedation, inhalation sedation and general anesthesia. If you have a fear of injections then these may be better options. However, the intravenous method has a brilliant record with patients and has helped many people with their dental fear. This has happened to such an extent that they no longer require sedation, and are very comfortable with having routine dental procedures.

How do I prepare for dental sedation?

The most important thing is to talk to your dentist about all the fears you have and they will be able to make you feel at ease. If you think that dental sedation sounds like it could work for you, book an appointment at your dentist. They will talk you through how it works and how you can prepare. For example, due to the drowsy effect you will need somebody to help take you home afterwards.

Fresh Dental Smile Clinic are a dental surgery who offer sedation. Intravenous sedation is highly popular, and patients report that they have felt cared for and understood when feeling nervous about treatment at the Clinic. For more information, call the surgery on 01904 623687.