Dental Tooth Extractions in York

Here at Fresh Dental Smile Clinic York, we use the latest techniques to minimize any discomfort during tooth removals, enabling you to relax, safe in the knowledge that our dental professionals will make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

We are often able to offer same day emergency dentist appointments should you be in pain. We are able to offer dental sedation for nervous patients and those with dental anxieties and dental phobia.

If you have a tooth that is severely damaged or decayed which is no longer restorable, you may be advised to have the tooth removed. Root canal treatment can often be used to save a tooth that is decayed, but if the tooth is beyond repair, dental extraction may be the only option. We will always assess the tooth in order to discuss all the available options. We will always ensure we use the latest techniques to ensure your extraction is as pain free as possible.

Wisdom Teeth Removal
The wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop; they usually start to erupt between the ages of 16 and 25, although this varies from patient to patient. In many cases, the wisdom teeth come through without causing any problems; however, if there is not enough space for the teeth to erupt fully they may start to grow sideways and this is known as an impacted tooth. If the teeth are impacted, this can be very painful and uncomfortable and it may be advisable to consider removal of the wisdom tooth.

Wisdom teeth extractions are similar to normal teeth extractions, but the procedure may be more complex as a result of the position and location of the tooth. In complex cases, patients may require specialist oral surgery treatment.

After wisdom tooth extraction it is common to experience mild pain and we can offer advice about taking over the counter pain relief.  At Fresh Dental Smile Clinic in York we are here to make sure the Dental extraction procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

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