How to choose a good implant dentist

How to choose a good implant dentist?

Many dentists can offer dental implant treatment, and it must be very difficult for the consumer to decide and choose between which dental practice to have their Dental Implant treatment with.

There is a wide range of experience amongst Dental implant dentists ranging from some who have simply done a weekend course on dental implants to others who have had over 10 years of experience in dental implants, involving several recognised postgraduate qualifications.

With experience comes expertise and the ability to handle, accurately treatment plan and foresee any issues with the potential dental treatment plan. Executing the treatment to a high standard of surgical skill and expertise is key when it comes to investing in Dental implants.

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What considerations should you make when choosing an Implant Dentist?

How to choose a good Implant Dentist?

Some dentists only provide Dental Implants and as such, they travel from abroad and work between various Dental practices to carry out their work. This can often be a disadvantage as periodic job changes may mean the dentist who placed your dental implant is no longer at the practice to take responsibility for any aftercare or issues and it may well be that other dentists at the same practice are not familiar with helping out patients with dental implant issues.

Another consideration is that as a patient you need the confidence to be able to attend the practice at short notice and be seen by a dental clinician experienced in dealing with dental implants as and when required. If the visiting specialist is not on hand at the practice at all times who will be responsible for undertaking the care for any potential subsequent issues?

Which is the best dental implant?

There are over 200 dental implant manufacturers and as such implants are intricate constructions that involve more than just the dental implant itself.

Often there is an internal screw with an angled abutment and then a crown that fits on top of all such aspects of bespoke and customised. Investing in your dental health by utilising dental implants one needs to ensure that the dental implant system used is a reputable one with good levels of research and customer care backing on a global level. This is important as should there be any issues years down the line, hopefully, any dentist will be able to obtain the serviceable parts and deal with the replacement considerations.

At Fresh Dental Smile Clinic Dental practice in York, we only use dental implants that are globally recognised to be in the top tier systems. This assures our patients of high-quality components which are globally recognised and have full customer support backing for many years to come.

Why choose dental implant treatment at Fresh Dental Smile Clinic York?

Our clinical director Dr Jenny Kabir has over a decade of experience in providing dental implants in York and has completed countless postgraduate training at an international level with recognised qualifications. View our dental implant before and after

The practice prides itself on delivering outstanding customer service both before during and after dental implant treatment has been completed, we do not fit and forget.

Dr Kabir is well regarded amongst peers and teachers and is involved in extensive teaching of other experienced implant dentists in advanced Dental Implant techniques. Our Dental practice in York has convenient on-site parking allowing patients the comfort of minimal travel arriving and leaving the practice.

We offer dental sedation as an option for all our patients including those of a nervous disposition ensuring the treatment is comfortable and pain-free. Our implant team are on hand in the practice on a full-time basis which means any issues can be dealt with often within 24 hours. Can you read more about dental implant treatments on our webpage by clicking this link here?

Email us at or call York (01904) 623687 to book your free no-obligation consultation for Dental Implants to see what we can do for you.