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We are passionate about dental treatment and everything teeth and smiles! We love delivering the very best possible treatments to our patients and as a result we can’t resist but to invest in the latest dental specialist technology which allows us to deliver outstanding dental results and treatment of complex teeth. We accept dental referrals from our colleagues for all treatments from root canal treatments, dental implants, smile makeovers, crowns and veneers as well as periodontics and gum surgery including gum grafts and gum disease treatment.

Dental Microscope
We have installed the latest award winning German engineered microscope the first in York with incredible features which allows us to take on the most complex of dental situations and work under high precision magnification assuring you that the quality of dental work done in your mouth on your teeth is a perfect as possible. Endodontic procedures and every day root canal treatments sorted and done with ease.

Dental Microscope smile makeovers root canal treatments refferals
Root canal treatments made easy by our dentists in york

The microscope provides an exceptional tool for the treating dentist for the following reasons:
The images and the live video taken during the consultation would provide a clear explanation of the problem, as well as allowing us to develop an accurate treatment plan for the management of each specific case.

During the treatment, we are able to take photos and video for the education of the patients and clinical presentations to our colleagues. A high resolution digital magnified image certainly upholds the saying ‘ a picture is worth a thousand words” Our patients love the detail and clarity with which we provide accurate dental treatments.
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A major precondition of microsurgery  is  the high magnification and the abundant light of the microscope  in order to successfully treat the complex surgical cases. In our clinic we operate under the principle ‘we can only treat what you can see’. For those patients requiring complex surgical dentistry, periodontal gum disease care or cosmetic dentistry to the very highest standards get in touch to see how uniquely exception our level of care is.

Dental Laser
The Biolase hard and soft tissue laser allows us to precision sculpt your gums and bone levels to perfect that smile makeover. Whether you are having crowns and veneers a same day smile makeover or wanting to get rid of a gummy smile we can help.
We use the latest soft tissue laser Biolase Epic-x. This soft tissue laser is used for frenectomies, gum scalloping and re contouring, disinfection of periodontal pockets and tooth whitening. The advanced technology of the laser allows bleeding-free surgery, and minimal post-operative discomfort and pain allowing us to operate with absolute precision and care.
Dental Laser soft tissue smile make over soft tissue contouringCBCT 3D Sental Scanner
The latest in house Carestream 3D scanner means we can scan the bone levels your jaws and teeth here in York with no need to travel further afield to scanning centres. The dental scanner allows us to assess the teeth, the bone and the important anatomical structures like vessels and nerves. We can treatment plan your dental implants on the spot with the highest level of precision accuracy. View our dental implant before and afters to see for yourself. We welcome referrals from local colleagues for use of our scanner for your own cases.

The radiation dose  is as low as it feasible to get the best clarity of the 3d image. The 3-d images are valuable tools in the following cases:
1.Diagnosis of complex cases including  root fractures, size and position of cysts, hidden canal fine canals in root canal cases.

2. Assessment of bone in volume and quality  to provide the correct placement of dental implants. In certain cases we can use the 3-d scan to make a special surgical guide from a 3-d scanner. The guided placement of the implant provides  a faster and at the same time a safer procedure with less post-operative discomfort for the patient.

3.Safe removal of wisdom teeth. In some cases the wisdom teeth are very close to important anatomical structures like nerves and vessels. The 3-d scan provides valuable  information about the exact position of the tooth and help massively in the surgical approach selected to protect important structures close to the wisdom teeth.

Dental implants scanner york
Dental implants treatments made easy by our implant dentists in york

Intra Oral Dental Scanner
Hate dental impressions? So do we! No more gooey material being put into your mouth to take impressions of your teeth. For ease of patient comfort the 3D technology of our scanner means we simply take a series of pictures of your teeth and jaws in seconds which creates a digital file from which our dental laboratory technicians can craft anything from a single dental implant, orthodontic treatment planning or incognito braces to your new teeth smile makeover.

orthodontic brace treatment planning smile makeover teeth straightening
Get the best in orthodontics in York

Want to discuss your dental needs and explore more? To see how we can help please get in touch to arrange your free consultation with our award winning team today or call us on York 01904 623687