Orthodontic Treatment in York: Reasons To Choose Fresh Dental Smile Clinic

Having orthodontic treatment can be positively life changing. You’re not alone, adult orthodontics is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments around and you’re never too late to begin. You’re making the decision to improve the way your teeth and smile look. This could be for many different reasons, perhaps to give you more confidence in your appearance, in preparation for a special occasion such as a wedding or social reunion, or simply to get the smile you’ve always wanted!

Orthodontic Treatment in York

Having teeth straightening treatment requires both an investment in time and money. Finding the right dentist to carry out treatment is essential in getting the perfect end result. You want to find somewhere you feel comfortable, happy to ask questions, and can talk through the process and know exactly what is happening to your mouth. There are a number of questions to ask yourself when looking for the right dental practice. If you’re choosing orthodontics, then Fresh Dental Smile Clinic can give you excellent advice, treatment and aftercare not only in the realm of orthodontics but they are able to look after your dental needs holistically throughout the course of treatment. Find out more below:

Free Consultation

Before deciding on treatment, you need to hear about the available options and find out whether they are suitable for your teeth. Ensuring teeth are in a healthy condition before treatment is commenced is vital. What’s more our professional team can advise you on which systems out of the confusing array of many will work best for your teeth and your requirements.

With this in mind, Fresh Dental Smile Clinic offer free consultations, giving you an opportunity to ask questions and find out everything you need to know about the different treatments available. This includes cost, time-scale and the benefits and risks of orthodontic work and the different systems out there. We are skilled in providing all the major systems so are able to give you impartial advice on the best one for you.

Our Team of York Orthodontists

Having orthodontic treatment can be daunting. Dental phobia is not uncommon and even if you don’t mind the dentist, having a smile makeover and treatment done can make people nervous. All the staff at Fresh Dental Smile Clinic understand these feelings and can make you feel at ease by talking you through the process, ensuring you are happy and comfortable with the treatment each step of the way.  

One of the most important things when finding someone to do treatment is knowing their qualifications and experience in doing orthodontic work. Dr Jenny Kabir is the clinical director of the clinic and completed extensive postgraduate training across all disciplines as well as a 3 year postgraduate course in advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry. She was also one of the youngest dentists to be awarded the DPDS (3 year postgraduate diploma) from Bristol University. She is passionate about giving excellent care to patients.  The rest of the carefully selected team share the same ethos, providing knowledge, care and professionalism in their work.


So many patients have experienced the highest level of service and care when visiting us for Orthodontic work. Be sure to read our testimonials from patients to hear all about the care, expertise and professionalism they received. Private dental referrals are also accepted, so we receive patients from colleagues who recommend us to do orthodontic work.


We know that having orthodontic treatment can be expensive. You will be told about all the costs prior to treatment, and there are finance options in place which enable you to spread payments for up to 48 months. We are transparent about costs and you can find an indication of prices on our fees page.

Call us today on 01904 623687 to book your free consultation and find out about which orthodontic treatment can work for you. Orthodontics can be made stress-free with Fresh Dental Smile Clinic. To find out more about what people say, watch the testimonial videos here!