Orthodontics: Choosing Short Term Or Comprehensive Methods

teeth straightening & orthodontics treatment in yorkOrthodontics is the use of braces to straighten teeth. There are various problems which patients may want fixed such as a gap between teeth, crooked teeth, overbites and underbites or teeth misalignment. Fixing problems with teeth will enable better oral hygiene,
as aligned teeth are easier to take care of. As each patient has different problems, there are a multitude of different methods available to resolve the different issues you may be experiencing.

There are two main categories of orthodontics: short term or comprehensive. Most treatments available will fall into one of these two categories. Depending on the severity of problems with your teeth, this will determine which type of treatment will be used. The first will take a shorter amount of time and will fix the appearance of the teeth on show when you smile.The latter methods will take longer, however, you can fix a greater range of problems.

Having a thorough discussion with your cosmetic dentist will enable you to discuss which method you would prefer, but most importantly, which will have the best results for your teeth. There is no doubt that the affect on your confidence and daily interactions are greatly improved by having treatment. Therefore, talking to your dentist and getting the right treatment for you is crucial.

Comprehensive Methods

If you missed your chances of having braces as a child you needn’t worry. New methods and cosmetic braces mean there are many options available for adults. More than 200,000 adults and children combined had orthodontic treatment last year.

Comprehensive methods of orthodontics ensure that upper and lower teeth form a good interlocking relationship. Treatment time will vary depending on the comprehensive nature of problems with teeth, and how much work needs to be done.

An example of comprehensive orthodontics is incognito lingual braces. If you’re feeling self-conscious about having braces, this is the perfect solution as they are almost impossible to see. These are the typical braces you might associate with having straight teeth; brackets and wires attached to teeth to move them into the desired position over time. However, the great thing about this method is that they are discreet, as the braces are attached to the inner surface of teeth. This treatment takes approximately 10 to 24 months.

Short Term Methods

These methods will not fix any major changes with teeth. If major work is needed then comprehensive methods should be chosen. Short term methods focus more on the teeth which show when you smile; primarily the front teeth. Therefore, it is less about alignment of bite and more about aesthetics.

Naturally, the treatment takes less time and costs less than traditional orthodontic procedures. One of the latest short term methods to take off is Six Month Smiles. As the name suggests, this will give you straighter teeth in an average of 6 months. The treatment involves having pre-made wires gradually realign your teeth. The treatment is quicker as it only focuses on working on the front teeth, rather than making any changes to the bite of your back teeth.

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