Six month smiles orthodontic braces

Using discrete tooth-coloured braces, Six Month Smiles clear brace treatments correct the teeth in a gentle, efficient manner yielding impressive results both comfortably and affordably.

Since the advent of Six Month Smiles braces, thousands of people around the world have enjoyed the benefits of a straighter, confident smile within a relatively short time frame – ideal for forthcoming weddings and social events.

Before Clear Braces
After Clear Braces

Dear all at Freshdental,

Thank you very much for taking on straightening my teeth in such a short space of time. You are all very nice people and have made the past six months an extremely pleasant experience. I think the way you saw me on so many occassions in such a short period of time was incredible. I think it’s the first time I’ve actually enjoyed going to the dentist!

Thanks again x

Achieve 6 Month Smiles with our Specialist Braces

Many people associate orthodontic treatment with having to spend several years wearing unattractive braces. Using clear or tooth-coloured braces and brackets, Six Month Smiles now offers patients the opportunity to have crooked or misaligned teeth straightened in as little as six months. Six Month Smiles heralds a new era in cosmetic orthodontics which has since allowed patients to have their teeth rapidly aligned.

Dr Jenny Kabir is amongst one of the first dentists in the UK to have offered this treatment here in York . Having been personally mentored by the treatment’s inventor Dr Ryan Swain, the team at fresh dental are very experienced in delivering this treatment to the highest possible standard.

Below are a series of photographs taken of one of our patients undergoing the Six Month Smiles treatment. As you can see, the braces are almost unnoticeable from a normal talking distance to even very close up.

six month smiles york, clear bracessix month smilescosmetic six months smiles braces by our York dentistclear braces by our York Orthodontist

How does Six month smiles braces work so fast?
Recent innovations in technology mean that teeth can be moved comfortably and swiftly using pre formed wires that gradually realign your teeth over a period of around 6 months. Focusing treatment mainly on your front teeth, which tend to be the most visible when smiling, also helps speed up the process. Usually, the treatment works by tilting and tipping the crowns of the teeth into an improved aesthetic alignment rather than actually fully repositioning the roots as well. By not making changes to the way the back teeth might bite, the front teeth can be quite rapidly aligned resulting in a great cosmetic improvement.

How is the 6 months smiles treatment carried out?
An initial assessment, including a comprehensive examination, is carried out to determine costs and ensure you are suitable for the treatment. On the fitting appointment, small clear brackets are bonded to each tooth surface. Following this, regular adjustment visits will be required every 6-8 weeks until the completion of your treatment.

How will having the orthodontic braces on feel?
The braces are virtually invisible but are visible very close up, however, from a normal talking distance it is unlikely to be noticed at all. Patients often find that others that may notice do so out of curiosity as they considering the treatment themselves.

Initially it will feel really strange having the brackets on the front surfaces of your teeth, you may feel that it takes some time for your lips and soft tissues to get used to their presence. Reassuringly most patients become very quickly used to the braces and often comment towards the end of treatment that they will miss them!

It can be normal to feel a bit of discomfort after an adjustment visit, this tends to subside after a day or two and can easily be taken care of with some regular over-the-counter pain relief tablets.

Will I have to wear a retainer?
Yes. As with all orthodontic treatments, a retainer must be worn. Often this is a virtually invisible, removable retainer that must be worn overnight once the braces are removed to ensure the teeth do not relapse.

Teeth can have a tendency to gradually migrate with time irrespective of whether you have had braces or not. For those who have completed a course of orthodontic treatment there can be the possibility of teeth to try and revert back towards their original position. Therefore, it is really important that long term retainer regime is put in place once treatment finished. We make sure that we tailor a robust retainer program for all our orthodontic patients and include it as part of your treatment with us.

How much do dental braces cost?
The price of a Six Month Smiles treatment depends on the complexity and extent of the realignment required. The great news is that our Six Month Smiles treatments, tend to cost less than traditional orthodontic procedures!

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