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Smile Makeovers and Wedding Smiles in York

“I think Jenny and the dental team are fantastic I used to be petrified of coming to the dentist and now I can’t believe that I actually enjoy and look forward to each visit!”

Teeth Before Wedding smile makeover with cosmetic dentist in york
After smile makeover using veneers by york dentists

Wedding Smile Makeover

Here at Fresh Dental Smile Clinic, we love to help prepare couples and their families for their wedding day. We offer a range of smile makeover packages from simple teeth whitening treatments to porcelain crowns, veneers and bridges which offer quick fix to ensure that everyone is ready to smile for the most important photo album of the year! 

“Dr Jenny and the lovely girls.
Thank you for giving Rachael and I beautiful smiles for our special day. We had an amazing time and smiled all day! 
Lots of love 
Mr and Mrs Somerville”

Perfecting your wedding smile for the big day

It is very important that wedding photos showcase the happy smiles of the whole party. Many people are embarrassed by their smile, and either don’t smile or cover their mouth when smiling and refrain from laughing during the big day. This can mean that the photos of the wedding are disappointing to the couple after the wedding. Often clients ask if something can be done with their partner or family members’ smile in the run up to the wedding day. Our wide range of cosmetic dentistry skills mean that we can create the perfect dental smile makeover.

The best thing you can wear on your wedding day is your smile. Your wedding photos should show your joy for a lifetime, and nothing conveys that better than a beautiful smile.

It is vital to think about your smile makeover well in advance of your wedding; Dental cosmetic braces or Orthodontic solutions could take many months and veneer smile makeovers up to 4 weeks. If you simply want a whiter smile then our wedding teeth whitening package may be just what you need.

We offer a bespoke wedding smile makeover service where we can make you look your best for your special day. From a few white fillings and a teeth whitening treatment to a full smile makeover using dental implants, veneers, bridges and porcelain crowns, our York dental practice can cater to your every cosmetic dental requirement.

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