Things You Need To Know About Composite Bonding

People who wish to improve their natural smile often go for composite bonding, a popular modern-day cosmetic dentistry treatment option. Composite bonding involves the cosmetic dentist applying composite resin to the teeth and sculpting it to change the shape, colour and profile of a smile. This can result in a smile makeover effect when done over several teeth.

Some people may think composite boding is only used to improve the aesthetics of a smile. However, composite bonding can be used for many other conditions, like restoring a chipped or fractured tooth and closing small gaps. The procedure is pain-free, doesn’t require any dental injections, and can be a lower-cost alternative to traditional veneers.

Below are some common questions one may have concerning composite bonding.

Composite Bonding

Can Composite Bonding Be Used to Fix Crooked Teeth?

Composite bonding is a commonly used technique to align slightly crooked teeth and naturally improve a smile. A dentist proficient in cosmetic dentistry can add resin in strategic places to mask misaligned teeth. However, you might need to opt for orthodontic treatment in significant misalignment cases. Hence, an initial detailed assessment is crucial to check for suitability.

Can Composite Bonding Be Used to Fill Gaps in Teeth?

Composite bonding can be used to close spaces between teeth using tooth-coloured resin as an infill. This can be quite technical and a great deal of skill is required to do it correctly and achieve harmony in the balance of tooth space proportions and overall aesthetics. Additionally, the dentist also has to ensure that long-term gum health is not compromised as a result of the procedure.

What Are The Differences Between Composite Bonding and Veneers?

Composite bonding is a non-invasive treatment with no permanent alteration to the teeth. Often little or no adjustment to the underlying teeth is required. Composite bonding generally requires maintenance, repairs and polishing to remove surface stains. Composite bonding usually lasts around 3-5 years. Veneers, constructed by a skilled lab technician, are layered porcelain, resulting in outstanding, long-lasting finish and aesthetics. Veneers tend to require some irreversible removal of the enamel — often, this is done with maximum tooth preservation in mind in a process known as minimal or no prep veneers. Veneers usually last about ten years.

Is Composite Bonding Pain-Free?

No alterations, drilling, or injections are required in the natural teeth, making composite bonding pain-free. The composite resin is simply added to the clean surface of the tooth and gently polished.

Is Composite Bonding Cheaper Than Other Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments?

Composite bonding is one of several cosmetic dental treatment procedures that improve one’s smile. Generally, composite bonding is a lower-cost cosmetic treatment as it is provided chairside and does not require the use of a laboratory. However, with the lower cost, come certain compromises as the overall finish is certainly not as good as lab-made veneers.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Composite Bonding?

The composite resin added is not as durable and can chip under pressure. It can also stain with certain pigments like nicotine and colourants in everyday foods, as well as through the consumption of coffee and tea. When composite bonding requires replacement, removing the old composite bonding can be quite time-consuming and challenging so as to not damage the underlying tooth structure.

Composite Bonding is Not For Everyone: Unfortunately, some health conditions and habits can disqualify one’s candidature for composite bonding, like biting nails, grinding teeth, and clenching.

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