Top Ways To Avoid Needing A Filling

york dental fillingsThe World Health Organisation claims that nearly 100% of adults have dental cavities. Cavities occur when people don’t take care of their teeth properly. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly, bacteria can build up on teeth, producing an acid which eats away at the enamel, causing small holes known as ‘cavities’ to form on the surface of the tooth. If you have a cavity, it will need to be filled in order to prevent infection and further decay and damage to the tooth. Fresh Dental Smile Clinic offers advice on how best to avoid having a filling.

What can I do?

There are many ways to prevent having to fill a cavity. These top four steps will help you to take better care of your teeth in conjunction to regular visits to the Dentists.

  • Brushing with a fluoride toothpaste – Fluoride can be found in many toothpastes and in local water supplies. It actively helps reduce tooth decay and is a simple way to prevent the likelihood of a cavity. Use your fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day to prevent the build up of bacteria in your mouth. It’s also important to use fluoride on children’s teeth, but be aware that you need to use a smaller amount as excessive fluoride can be harmful.
  • Avoid snacking on sugary foods – What we put in our mouth has a huge affect on our oral health as too much sugar can lead to cavities. It’s best to only have sugary food and drink at meal times. Snacking on sugary food throughout the day leads to an increased likelihood of tooth decay as the sugar is left on the surface of the teeth. A lot of foods have hidden sugar so be careful what you buy and make yourself aware of these foods!
  • Rinse after meals – If you can’t brush your teeth after meals it can often be a good idea to rinse your mouth out with water. This enables any leftover sugar on your teeth to be rinsed, reducing the buildup of plaque and bacteria. Tap water also contains fluoride so this will help prevent tooth decay.
  • Visit your dentist – Going to the dentist for a check up means that tooth decay and cavities can be detected early on and preventive advice can be given. We can offer a checkup to make sure you are taking care of teeth and recommend how to avoid needing a filling.

 What should I do if I get a cavity?

Bad breath, tooth pain and sensitivity, dark spots and small holes are all potential signs that a cavity could be forming. If you do feel pain within your mouth which doesn’t disappear after a couple of days, visit your dentist as soon as possible. If a cavity is forming, your dentist will perform a simple procedure to remove the damaged tissue around the cavity, thoroughly clean your mouth, and finally have your cavity filled.

Developments in dentistry now mean you can have a filling which matches the colour of your teeth, rather than silver or alamagan. This means aesthetically your teeth will look great and often people won’t be able to notice your filling at all.

At Fresh Dental Smile Clinic our Dentists inYork provide white fillings for your cavities, find out more here. The procedure is simple and we will provide you with outstanding service and care. Call us on 01904 623687 to find out what we can do for you and your teeth today