What is gum contouring and how can it help me?

gum contouring in YorkThere are a multitude of cosmetic dentistry procedures available, which means you really can transform your smile to get it looking exactly the way you want.

Brighter, whiter and straighter teeth are all options to improve the aesthetics of your smile. Cosmetic dentistry has come so far that you can even have a whole new set of teeth with dental implants. But while everyone knows what a perfect smile looks like, they don’t always realise that your teeth only tell half the story. The shape of your gums is also a very important part of the whole smile equation.

Many people feel that they have too much gum covering their teeth, giving the gum a very prominent look within their mouth. This can sometimes be called a ‘gummy smile.’ This can lead to a lack in confidence and self-esteem as it makes some people feel nervous about smiling. Cosmetic dentistry here can fix this problem with a procedure called gum contouring.

What is gum contouring?

‘Contouring’ means adjusting the edges or lines of something which sets its limits and boundaries. In the context of dentistry, gum contouring means changing the edge of the gum to alter its boundaries and reveal more or less tooth. Your gum line will be moved to improve the aesthetics of your smile, allowing more tooth to show and less gum. By changing the proportion of gum to tooth on show, we can improve your smile to give you that confidence you want.

What does the procedure involve?

Although it may sound daunting, the procedure is actually quite simple. Before undergoing treatment you will have to check that your teeth and mouth are healthy. Once this is established, you can have a thorough talk with your dentist to mark out where you would like the gum line to be.

The aim of the treatment is to remove gum tissue, thus making more of the tooth or teeth visible. During the procedure, tiny pieces of tissue will be removed by a specially trained dentist. Your mouth will be numbed so you will feel no discomfort, although your gums may feel slightly sore afterwards. For this reason, you will be advised to take care when brushing and be aware when drinking or eating.

What is gum grafting? How is it different?

Another gum procedure is gum grafting. This procedure can be used when you have too much tooth showing, as opposed to too little. If you think you have too much tooth showing, then a gum grafting procedure can hide some of the tooth or teeth. This process involves adding extra gum tissue, either from the patient’s mouth or synthetically created gum tissue.
Over the years, your gums may have receded slightly. This can cause dental health problems so it is important that you monitor your mouth and visit your dentist so they can assess the healthiness of your teeth and gums.

Can gum contouring be done by any dentist?

A periodontist is trained in treatment relating to tooth-supporting tissue (gums). You may be referred to a periodontist to be advised and guided on the best treatment for you and your teeth.  Talk to your dentist to find out if they are trained in gum contouring as it is an increasingly popular procedure. Here at Fresh Dental Smile Clinic we have helped many patients get the smile they want through gum contouring.

Can I have gum contouring with another treatment?

Absolutely, if you are interested in other cosmetic dentistry procedures, or are looking to have a smile makeover, then gum contouring can be done as well as other treatments. You may want straighter teeth, or a dental crown, but still feel like you have too much gum showing. Having multiple treatments is possible here so talk to our dentists about how the treatments can work together to give you the very best results.


Does gum contouring sound like something that would improve your smile? Dr Jenny Kabir and the team at Fresh Dental Smile Clinic have a wealth of knowledge and experience in gum contouring. Call and book a free consultation 01904 623687 to find out what the team can do for you and your smile today!