Composite White Fillings in York

At Freshdental Smile Clinic we offer our patients white fillings, which are a very popular restorative treatment.

Before Filling After White Filling

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Fillings are restorations which are used to fill cavities to support the tooth and avert further damage and infection. In the past, mercury amalgam fillings were used, but white fillings have become increasingly popular as they provide excellent aesthetics.

Why choose white fillings over silver, amalgam fillings?

Many patients prefer to have white fillings, rather than metal fillings, because they can blend in with the colour of the natural tooth.

We use the finest materials to create durable, hard-wearing fillings, which provide both strength and style. The filling, once crafted, may be indistinguishable from the rest of the tooth and it will help to secure the tooth to reduce the risk of further decay or damage. Cavities are formed as a result of bacteria penetrating the tooth enamel; once a cavity forms, the infection can spread. A filling helps to prevent the spread of infection and keep the tooth strong and healthy.

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The procedure

Having white fillings is fairly straight-forward procedure. Before the filling material is applied into the cavity, the tooth is prepared thoroughly and decayed tissue is removed from the cavity. Once the cavity is completely clean, the cavity is etched prior to the application of bonding material. The correct shade of white filling material is then layered and crafted into the cavity and set firm using an intensive light source. Once the filling has set, we make any final adjustments to ensure a perfect finish.

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