Do Dental Implants last forever?

Dental implants are considered the gold standard treatment in the replacement of natural teeth for gaps and spaces in one’s mouth.

However unfortunately nothing lasts forever and although some components may come with a lifetime guarantee the reality is one cannot guarantee the patient’s biological response around the dental implant surgery. So in summary it would be incorrect to assume dental implants last forever, on average one can help to expect about 10 years lifespan during which time regular maintenance and review of the dental implant is imperative. At our dental practice in York – Fresh Dental Small Clinic, we offer our patients a five-year guarantee with complimentary reviews in the first instance. 

What problems can happen with Dental Implants?

They can be any problems mainly biological and host-related that can arise with dental implants. Key factors in dental implant failure are poor oral hygiene leading to periimplantitis also known as gum disease around dental implants, smoking and lack of post-treatment maintenance. A good implant dentist often spends time educating and advising patients of specific risk factors related to implant treatment and considerations required after treatment to ensure optimal surgical outcomes.

What are common problems with Dental Implants?

There can be a range of issues a patient can experience summer patient related to others can be restorative based such as screw loosening this can sometimes feel like the implant has failed however it’s important to get in touch with your implant dentist as soon as possible to take a look at the situation. In such circumstances, it can be simply a case of tightening an internal screw and insuring the bite is right. Sometimes cement-retained dental implant crowns can de-bond and this can indicate a natural servicing point for which it’s important to attend your implant dentist so everything can be looked at and restored once again.

Should I have dental implant treatment abroad?

Dental implant treatment in York is not one visit and certainly requires multiple visits to get the treatment completed when factoring considerations relating to travelling back and forth, any inconvenience transfer costs and an event your implant requires care in the longer term being able to get back and reach the treating clinician is its importance.

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Should I have dental treatment for dental implants abroad?

There are many considerations when looking into dental implant treatment cost alone should not be the only factor one should look at the expertise and qualifications of the dentist placing your dental implant also the quality of components used there is a difference between one using copycat cheaper components versus original components in the construction of the dental implant restoration which can significantly impact on long-term viability and longevity of your dental implant. We often get patients who have had dental implant treatment done abroad with issues arising from it it is it’s very difficult for another dentist then treat those issues without significant cost as one doesn’t know which components have been placed and when issues arise they can be very costly to them later remedy we have seen instances of patients attending having had half the dental implant treatment completed such as the actual implants being placed but not the teeth construction on top patients are no longer able to get in touch with the clinic to place team plans and have no idea about which components were used so obtaining treatment at another clinic becomes virtually impossible.

Recently at Fresh Dental Smile Clinic in York, we had a patient attend with a recently fitted “implant” from abroad for a missing front tooth. The implant was now loose and upon further examination with an X-ray it was not a conventional style of implant that would have been placed in the UK but rather almost the appearance of a DIY screw!

The X-ray below shows a failing screw-like “dental Implant” placed abroad.

X ray image of a failing dental implant fitted abroad.
X-ray image of a failing dental implant fitted abroad.


Can a UK dentist help me with Dental Implants fitted abroad?

Dental practices in the UK are highly regulated and any clinician will have to consider carefully implications of taking on another dentist’s work that has been carried out abroad.

You may well find that very few dentists in the UK are willing to do corrective surgery for Dental work carried out abroad without factoring in extensive costs for the increased risks and variable outcomes.

Treatment such as a dental implant would be expected to last around 10 years and therefore one has to be sure for the period of the expected lifespan one can obtain routine care maintenance and servicing of the dental implant readily.

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