Some Remarkable Benefits of Professional Dental Cleaning

Regular brushing and flossing at home are crucial to a healthy set of teeth. However, how to remove stains from teeth is a concern for many since it is not an easy task. Several things we drink and eat leave stubborn stains on our teeth that do not go away with brushing. Professional dental cleaning by a dental hygienist can eliminate the majority of stains and leave your teeth cleaner, healthier and brighter. Moreover, it also gets rid of plaque and tartar that gradually but inevitably builds up.

Here are some more great benefits of professional dental cleaning with a dental hygienist in York-

Professional Dental Cleaning

Does Dental Hygiene Help Prevent Dental Cavities?

While daily brushing and flossing eliminate most plaque build-up, reaching every nook and cranny of your mouth is impossible to remove every bit. Residual dental plaque then calcifies into tartar which is like cement stuck to the surfaces of teeth. You cannot remove it with a toothbrush alone, and it can result in tooth decay by attracting further bacteria to hard-to-reach places, thus damaging the enamel and causing dental cavities. Fortunately, professional tooth cleaning on a regular basis is excellent to prevent this from happening.

Do Dental Hygiene Visits Prevents Gum Disease?

Plaque can also extend beyond the visible areas of your teeth and cause gum diseases. Gum diseases can further cause tooth loss and jaw bone loss. A professional dental cleaning can prevent gum disease from developing and also slow down its progress in cases of patients with established gum disease. The dental hygienist uses advanced tools and techniques such as the prophet cleaning system, which jet cleans dental stains away but also disrupts harmful bacterial colonies below the gum level in hard-to-reach areas by dental brushing alone.

Can the Dental Hygienist Remove Stubborn Stains?

Drinks like tea, coffee, and wine are known to give stubborn stains to clothes, but they are certainly also the reason for marks on your teeth. Stained teeth lower a person’s confidence, and they feel embarrassed smiling in public. Professional teeth whitening in York is better than over-the-counter teeth whiteners. However, regular dental hygiene visits with our hygienist can help blast away and keep the stains at bay.

Do Regular Dental Hygiene Visits Prevent Tooth Loss?

Tooth loss can have many causes, and one most common is plaque build-up which eventually causes advanced gum disease. If you fail to diagnose tooth decay, enamel damage and the early signs of gingivitis, the bacterial growth can slowly damage your gums and initiate tooth loss. Regular dental hygienist visits could help prevent the need for extensive dental treatment later down the line, such as root canal surgery.

Do Regular Dental Hygiene Visits Help General Health?

While it may be surprising, your oral health can significantly affect your general health. The prevention of gum disease helps reduce bacterial spread into the systemic bloodstream, which can adversely affect your general health.

Can Dental Hygiene Visits Keep Your Breath Fresh?

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is a condition caused by various factors of which gum disease-causing bacteria is one of them! Gum disease bacteria have a distinct pungent smell which, unfortunately, people are seldom able to smell on themselves. Still, those close to you can find it quite repulsive, especially when the mouth is open such as when speaking. Routine visits to the dental hygienist keep such bacteria at bay and help remove one of the causes of bad breath.

Regular Dental Hygiene Visits Save Money!

Prevention is always better than cure. Regular dental cleaning keeps periodontal disease at bay and reduces the need for future specialist treatment.

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