Teeth straightening: avoid DIY techniques and visit a cosmetic dentist in York

tooth straightening YorkStraight teeth allow you to smile with confidence. While some people are opting to try and straighten their teeth at home, visiting a cosmetic dentist is much safer and advised by our dental professionals here in York.

Straight teeth look fantastic and give people a real confidence boost. Have you considered teeth straightening treatment? Do you shy away from the camera, feel nervous when meeting new people or are you afraid to show your smile? These are just a few reasons to choose straight teeth. Our cosmetic dentists at Fresh Dental Smile Clinic can give you the smile you want.

However, the worrying new trend of trying to straighten teeth at home is something that may permanently damage your mouth. This inevitably leads to further treatment later on, making the whole process more painful and more expensive than simply seeing a professional dentist in the first place.

Why you should not try teeth straightening at home

The main reason why people are attempting to straighten their own teeth is due to the cost of orthodontic work. The trend is particularly taking off in the United States, where the cost can be much higher than in the UK. The main problem which these people are trying to fix is a gap in their teeth. Teenagers are using YouTube and blogs to demonstrate how to tie small bands around their teeth to gradually move their teeth together and close the gap.

This is extremely dangerous and can lead to a wide range of different oral health complications:

  1. The movement of teeth is not properly controlled. While you can hope that the teeth will move in the direction you want them to, there is no guarantee that they will. You are more likely to make things worse than better. 
  1. Damage to the gums. The movement of teeth in this way puts pressure on the gums, even cutting off the blood supply, which can cause inflammation and infection.
  1. The pressure of a band on a tooth could cause it to fracture. Those who have their DIY videos online even claim ‘it will hurt but be worth it in the end.’ When you feel any pain you should see your dentist as soon as possible.
  1. Tooth loss. In some cases, using a band like this can cause tooth loss by damaging the root of the tooth.

Despite the many dangers, people still continue to try and straighten their teeth at home. Our dentists advise everyone to avoid DIY teeth straightening.

Why you should have teeth straightening treatment at our cosmetic dentist

Teeth straightening is a procedure which should only be carried out by trained and registered dental professionals. Here’s why:

  1. A free and transparent consultation process. At Fresh Dental Smile Clinic, we offer free consultations so that we can clearly explain how the process works and what is involved. If you do want tooth straightening treatment, come and talk to us for free about the options and prices of treatment. 
  1. Professional teeth straightening is cheaper than paying to repair teeth damaged by a botched DIY job. Our pricing plan is clear and transparent and we offer a range of different payment plans. We are always upfront about our costs and you can find our dental fees on our website. If cost is still a concern, we even have options to spread the payments out over four years. 
  1. A variety of treatment options. We are trained in a variety of different teeth straightening methods. This means every individual can find the treatment which suits them. You might have large gaps between your teeth, crooked teeth, or maybe you just want your front teeth to be straighter. You don’t have to have the train-track braces which people often associate with orthodontics! Talk to our team about the results you want and what we can do to help.
  1. Dental sedation makes teeth straightening painless. Straighter teeth may be something you’ve always wanted but the thought of undergoing treatment makes you feel nervous. We offer dental sedation for nervous patients, allowing you to have the treatment you want, without feeling anxious during the procedure. Our dental team are here to make you feel at ease and dental sedation is an ideal way to overcome your fear and anxiety for tooth straightening treatment.     
  1. We take care of you. Our number one priority is taking care of you. We make sure that you are 100% happy with the treatment you receive and the service we provide. It is for this reason that we have won multiple awards and are striving to make sure everyone who contacts us receives the information, help, and treatment they want.

At Fresh Dental Smile Clinic, we provide safe and professional treatment for teeth straightening. Our cosmetic dentists are trained to answer all your questions and provide the very best treatment. Our free consultations have no obligation so book one now on 01904 623687 and treat yourself to a brand new smile!